Play Nice



New York-based agency Society Lab needed help executing a brand launch for their client Play Nice, a social media app that helps people protect their information on the web. Part of the brand launch included two video spots illustrating the power and speed at which information can travel--especially bad information. Trushin Studios stepped in to storyboard and illustrate two, 30-second animations to be used within a larger video spot or exist independently. The illustrations needed to appeal to a demographic of 16-to-28 year-olds, be relevant and on-brand.



Trushin Studios responded by working with Society Lab to storyboard and illustrate two storylines of animation. The style was chosen to be adaptable for animation, on trend and appealing to the demographic. A limited, bright color palette of the unmistakable Play Nice brand colors was used to further strengthen brand recognition and style. The illustrations retained the humor and quirkiness of the brand, while emphasising the potentially harmful power of technology and data in the age of social media.

Story 1: Epic






STORY 2: narwhal




Client: Play Nice
Agency: Society Lab
Illustration: Trushin Studios

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